USA government shutdown

U.S. Government shutdown (by Trump administration) since Dec 22, has affected 90% of US Customs and Post Office.  Only few workers are working now at Customs and Post Office.  Most of orders from December and January will be delayed significantly..  All international orders being delivered to USA is affected.  All stores worldwide are affected.  Be assured your package will still be delivered, but it will be delayed by an undetermined amount of time. We apologize for this inconvenience, but it is currently out of our control.  Once the U.S. Customs and post office resumes normal operation in USA, then all packages will be delivered accordingly.  Your items and orders are on transit, but with huge delays.  Please be patient and give a couple months extra or more due to the government shutdown.  

We want to be transparent to our customers, so we are informing you of the reasons for the delays on deliveries. Some packages had also bounced back to us due to the overwhelmed US Customs and Post Office.  But please be assured we are doing everything we can to re-mail / re-ship your rackets and packages.  Thank you for your understanding.  You will get your items, we promise, otherwise we will issue you a refund.  Please do not file chargebacks as that will hurt us even more.  

Millions of people and families who works in the federal government (i.e. US Customs, US border, US Post Offices, US Coast Guard, US military, US Airports and TSA, and other federal agencies) are now without pay and out of a job due to the government shutdown since Dec. 22, 2018.  Let us be patient as we ride this huge issue that America is facing right now.

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